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JGx Solutions is a software house founded in 2015 in Los Angeles. It started with ideas of providing
software technology in the fashion and garment industry.






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Fx5 is a true Business Management Solution (BMS)
AI - Fx5 Speeds it up at least 5 times!

  • User friendly
  • Angel features that will tackle tasks automatically
  • Precise inventory with detailed history
  • Priority shifting to use time more efficiently
  • Multi-packing function

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JGx Solutions Mobile

FX5 can get your orders in no time! Scan right on the racks! Nobody has to wait in line or make long queues! FX5 mobile apps will give you the info you need at lightning speeds! Orders made during the show will reflect right in your warehouses!

  • Sales (Store)
  • Real-time inventory monitoring
  • Shows each pictures on your iPad
  • Check overlap order
  • Easier to handle compared to smaller devices
  • Tradeshows
  • Input orders for multiple locations at once
  • Pull-up multiple daily reports with a single click
  • iPod that fits right into your hand
  • Shows all available color options on your iPod
  • Real-time inventory checking

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At Jgx Solutions, we offer various Training Programs to our customers.
We have Video Trainings and Individual Trainings.
Included in the training are user friendly instructions.

We do our best to provide our customers with an excellent System so that
their employees can easily adapt and maximize the use of FX5.
Our Live Support center is here 24/7 to help you.

The User Manuals are provided to answer all your needs in every situation and scenario.
Our mission is to provide the most innovated system that is effortless and practical to your work environment.

Fx5 Secretary Angel


Put wings on your business with Fx5's most innovated AI Angel.
AI "ANGEL" will schedule management, pull category reports, process auto-packing guides (pick ticket) and invoices. Send out emails, even alerts you for re-cut (re-project) notifications.
Your business secretary Angel does it all!


Auto-Multi-Packing Guide (Pick Ticket)

Sends out alert emails after scheduled auto-packing guide task has been completed. Auto Packing Guide: Simple auto-packing function that will create 1,000 even 10,000 packing guides and invoices within minutes!


Recommendation on Re-cut, Project revisions, and Data provision

You can now decide and select which styles you will re-cut based on precise weekly sales report instead of one person’s assumption.

FX5 ANGEL will automatically alert you with recommendations based on accurate sales reports. FX5 ANGEL will provide various crucial decision-making data in a click of a button!


Bad Inventory Alarm

You constantly have new inventory coming in and your bad
inventory can get lost in the shuffle. Are you going to let your
stash of cash just pile up dust? Fx5 AI ANGEL will alert you with these bad inventory styles so you can come up with a solution.


Angel Report

Specialized reports to view your sales and accounting KPI's (Key Performance Indicator) for your management. You can simply view these reports from your mobile device.

Enabled marking of your KPIs and mobile reports as favorites on your Reporting Services web portal, and then view them in one convenient folder.

Up-to-the-minute Reports: Get real-time alerts via email and text when the KPI metrics you care about hit thresholds which you have you set.

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