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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, FX5 has data input automation and update features to help you reduce the time for all data management tasks.

Yes, FX5 has Item-Locator Feature.

Yes, you can print all or select just the invoices you want to print.

Yes, with FX5 you can always monitor your inventory-sales level in real time so you can make the right the decisions.

Yes, FX5 has sales screening features and goes through various stages of approval.

Customers will receive an email with attached line sheet documents while they are talking with your sales rep on the phone.

FX5 has advanced Bill of Material Cost Management System to help you setup the right selling price and margin.

FX5 has a specialized module for fabric inventory management. It helps you to better organize your fabric inventory by rolls and Lots, and helps prevent bad inventory occurrence by placing in the right production lines.

Fx5 has copyright management system to help you track your own design, patterns, and artworks from the beginning via registration.

With FX5 you can manage your business from Product Life Cycle Management to Accounting A/R or A/P and all the way to reporting, you will not need anything else.

FX5 has a an advanced HR feature, task scheduling system to manage each department’s and employee’s individual tasks and schedules. They will be on the right schedule and assignments.

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